Lego City – Your ticket to Urbanity

Ever imagine, building your own city? It certainly sounds like a hefty spend, doesn’t it? IKnowMyToys has got your back, though. You can set off on endless creative adventures by easily building a large metropolis, a small town, or even a fully-equipped urban settlement with the tools we have in store for you. Just for a small percentage, of the total spend!

Using perfectly created building vehicles to expertly construct all of the things the people of your city need, you can easily build away. Once you have your own place with everything you can possibly need, drive off to the city you have built. Where you can easily run, all of your daily errands. Including landing some difficult tricks on your skateboard!

With the products of Lego City, you can even give your city’s residents an expertly built park to relax with nature’s wonders including plants and little animals.

What’s more? Making a bank with expert security, is the best way to provide the citizens with a secure location to store all of their valuables. That’s not all. You can even include an entire control headquarters where your police force can regroup for some action, with their massive equipment of patrol boats and helicopters. Once you’ve captured all of the criminals, you can jail them on a secure prisoner island.

What happens, when there is a hazardous fire in your city though? To protect the buildings of your city, you can station all sorts of envoys from the local fire department. Arm your fire department with everything from a fire truck with a ladder to reach the tops of buildings to a little ATV to reach the narrow streets of your city. There’s also an ideal fire utility truck, you can use to transport all of your firefighter’s gear. Ride it off, to the fire outbreaks of your city to extinguish all of the inconvenient flare-ups!

We bet your citizens need to jet off for their holidays to different places, when vacations come around. For those occasions, Lego has ingeniously made designs and bricks which you can build into spectacular airplanes and airbases. To defeat the criminals of your city, there’s also s sky police plane you can fly off from the sky police air bases you make for yourself and the city in your room!

Your city surely has a beach, doesn’t it? No worries. By visiting our store at Dolmen Mall Clifton or online, you can easily get your hands on everything you need if the citizens of your city like to go swimming! From the coast guard seaplane to an entire armada of lifeguards with their kits and equipment, going swimming on the beach is no problem!

Build your very own metropolis by visiting us and getting your own collection of LEGO CITY today!


Hot Wheels takes over your favourite fantasy!

Gearheads! Start your engines! You’re in for a ride, today! Make “speed” the way of your life, by collecting some rapid cars of The Great Hot Wheels line! Become a car connoisseur, today!

Fast & The Furious Hot Wheels

Since 1968 Hot Wheels have been a staple in the playrooms, of kids from all around the world! Wonders from the world of Hot Wheels, have also entered The Fast and The Furious universe! Just check out this whole range of the main cars in the 5th film! Get 5 times the amped up action, by driving 5 sophisticated machines from The Fast and The Furious! As Dom said, Ride or Die!

One of the greatest high speed franchise of films, have looked towards Hot Wheels to bring their characters and cars to life! Hot Wheels has created an entire stunt show, from the movie “Cars” by Disney! Watch as the different characters of the film, perform action-packed stunts to awaken the daredevil in you! You can even get some of your friends, to make a day of trying out different moves all of your Cars can make to score incredibly in the stunt show!

Everyone’s always been struck with awe, when they see cars of the most elegant range of automobiles! The BMW series! Check em out today!

You can quickly overtake and surprise your space enemies, with some rapid Hot Wheels too! Hot Wheels brings you 5 cars designed for the characters of Guardians of The Galaxy!

Collecting these cars, will undoubtedly prove that you are quite the car extraordinaire! Get some tickets, to your supremacy today! Hot Wheels is sure to fulfil, all of your gearhead dreams! Go on, start the ultimate race straight away!


Celebrate your days of fun, with some fantabulous guests!

Celebrations galore! Be it a festival, a party, a nostalgic event or even your yearly birthday! The celebrations will be live, if you can get these fun-sized and colourful women to celebrate with ya! Find out, how!

Your hair has to look, top-notch at such celebrations of course! Just get Barbie Cut n’ Style Princess Doll today and she can teach you how to style your hair with some fantastic couture! Don’t be shy! If you’d like to invite some more guests, simply get some of Barbie’s Stylin’ friends or even get Lottie to stop by!

Make sure to visit Barbie’s Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon for a fashionable makeover and start off your merriment by inviting Barbie over to celebrate your special days in your very own sweet bedroom! Be sure you and her, wear clothes and make-up from your very own fashionista wardrobe too! You can put some of Barbie’s favourite clothes in it and it’s definitely going to give you the best things to wear, when you do things like ice-skating in celebration with your best friend! The Barbie Career Fashion Doll Ice Skater!

Hey! Music is always the best sort of enjoyment, to have at your parties! Let this Barbie Careers Music Doll, teach you how to make serene party music that gives people those nostalgic vibes of how great your party was!

You definitely need some fun and delicious treats at your parties, to make sure people have some palatable excitement at too! The Barbie Careers Cookie Chef Fashion Doll, can make sure your guests go home with the sweet taste of some tasty cookies in their mouths! You can even have your parties at a vacation house! By inviting people to The Barbie Glam Vacation House!

We at IKnowMyToys, wish you the greatest celebrations of a lifetime! You can even get the most fun-loving dolls, to enjoy them with ya!

The end of The Star Wars month, calls for the film’s space timeline in writing!

The end of “Star Wars” month, certainly demands a detailed celebration of the iconic film franchise! We’d thought we’d give you the low-down on how this graphic spectacle took over the hearts, minds and feelings of the entire world. Or even, a significant number of people in each country of the whole planet!

Created by director, screenwriter, producer, George Lucas first released Star Wars in 1977. It became one of the most massively successful spectacles of motion picture history. Starting off with the title of “A New Hope”, Star Wars chronicled the story of Luke Skywalker and the adventures of The Rebels to defeat The Empire which was chiefly commanded by The Terrifying Sith Lord! Darth Vader!

Following the epic film “A New Hope”, George Lucas asked Stan Lee to create comic books of the installment too. After Stan Lee’s hesitant approval of adapting the franchise in a series of iconic comic books, “Star Wars” additionally became the best-selling wholesome franchise(of the cinema world to the comic book universe) of the entire world.

Starting from 1999, George Lucas begun releasing the prequels of Star Wars. These releases consisted of three exciting films, that told the stories of how Anakin Skywalker turned into the menacing Sith Lord granted the title: Darth Vader.

After selling the original “Star Wars Saga” to Disney, the film franchise has not seen its ultimate conclusion just yet. Announcing ten more Star Wars Series, Disney plans to continue this ultimate saga. For the excitement and thrill of the released parts of Star Wars saga, make sure you get the different types of the awe-inspiring “Star Wars” toys officially available in Pakistan today!

Journey through the saga of Star Wars yourself, by having a look at the different mega Star Wars memorabilia of different brands at IKnowMyToys!




Get your wands ready, Harry Potter fans! The trailer for the new HARRY POTTER: COLLECTION is here! The game is a remastered release of both HARRY POTTER: Years 1-4 and LEGO HARRY POTTER: Years 5-7.

download (6)

Before tomorrow’s release,  the launch trailer was seen by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, which shows our heroes experiencing their 7 years at Hogwarts, Spending time battling Voldemort, all with a newly-remastered look about it.

maxresdefault (1)

Along with the two games, two DLC packs will be delivered. The first is a pack that features Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Lockhart in his strait jacket, Hermione in her pink dress, and ghoul Ron Weasley. A special spell pack includes the other DLC, which has Cantis, Densaugo, Ducklifors, Melofors, and Tentaclifors. Years 1-4 came to consoles back in 2010, with years 5-7 hitting the following year, the new trailer is one that’s aimed at HARRY POTTER fans  who missed their chance to play it on last generations consoles. Although you can still re-visit the re-mastered game. Watching the Fantastic Beasts; the crimes of Grindelwald feel free to get your fix.


LEGO Harry Potter: Collection will be available for purchase beginning Oct. 30th


Lego Star Wars All-Stars

SW_Landscape_AllStarsA new animated adventure series that is related to all the Star Wars eras, will be debuting on Monday, October 29th on Disney XD, Youtube and DisneyNOW. Including eight short-episodes and four half-hour episodes, the season features LEGO versions of the new faces of the Star Wars galaxy alongside the standard heroes Kylo Ren, R2-D2, Young Han, Chewbacca, Young Lando, BB-8 and General Leia. You can also take a first look at the new series now thanking the debut trailer!

The first five episodes will be rolling out daily from the week of Monday, October, 29th through Friday, November 2nd, landing on a peak to a compilation special highlighting three additional episodes on Saturday, November 10th on Disney XD and DisneyNOW. Following the debut of the mini-episodes, four half-hour episodes will premiere on Saturdays beginning November, 17th through December 8th on Disney XD and DisneyNow.

download (1)

Get your first view at the new and returning fan-favourites from the Star Wars Universe from the teaser below:

Who needs the Kwik e Mart, now here is the tricky part!

kwik e martWho needs the Kwik e Mart, now heres the tricky part!

Are you a Simpson fan? You’re probably familiar with Apu and his convenience store? HIS STANDARD LINE IS “THANK YOU COME AGAIN!”that Is every simspons fan favorite line! Get a chance to build simspons full kwik e mart! Only with the lego set of your dreams!

Come to think of it who remembers that line when he says thank you come again with a gun? Answer in the comments below!

Your one stop shop for convenience food at inconvenience prices! This is one highly detailed Lego set which is with more beautiful and colorful fettles like mr Burns birthday cake with candles! Walk under the huge kiwi e mart signs and join the Simpsons family as they browse the aisles filled with bandit

Welcome to the The highly detailed and iconified convenience store at inconvenient prices! This version of the Simpsons store is packed with more colorful details then a Mr. Burns birthday cake with candles! Walk under the high kwik i e  mart sign with homer Marge and Bart as they browse the aisles filled with beauty products diapers, dog food pastries, fruits, vegetables and more-including Krusty cab and chef lonely hearts stop for one! Then head over to the refrigerated cases where you’ll find Buzz cola Chocolate Milk , various other drinks and snacks …. And frozen jasper! There’s also a buzz cola soda fountain, juice dispensers, coffee  machines arcade games, ATM and stacks of Powersauce boxescade.  At the counter, ccomic books, cards, tofu hot dogs, freshly expired donuts and his ever-popular hallucination-inducing Squishees.  At the back, there’s a storage closet complete with rat and an exit. On the roof you can discover Apus secret vegetable garden, while outside this amazing model features bright-yellow walls, 2 phone booths, a stack of purple crates, and a dumpster area with ‘El Barto’ graffiti, opening door and an iconic blue dumpster that also opens. You can also remove the roof and open out the rear walls for easy access. This set also includes Snake (a.k.a. Jailbird), who loves nothing more than stealing cars and robbing the Kwik-E-Mart—but this time Chief Wiggum is hot on his tail in his police car. Capture this bandit and return peace to the town of Springfield and the amazing Kwik-E-Mart. This fantastic set includes 6 minifigures with assorted accessory elements: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Chief Wiggum and Snake (a.k.a. Jailbird).

IKnowMyToys – a Short History

Everything about IKnowMytoys

IKnowMyToys® (IKMT) is the pioneer in bringing branded toys in Pakistan through proper legal channel with latest variety and replacement warranty for all manufacturing defects.

IKMT started its journey on 23rd March 2012, when it introduces the world renowned brand LEGO logo_RGB to Pakistan through its online store www.IKnowMyToys.com .  The overwhelming response received from our customers and fans at www.IKnowMyToys.com encouraged us to open the First and the only LEGO® Mono Store of Pakistan at The Forum Mall, Clifton, Karachi.

After the success of LEGO® Mono store, IKMT initiated the project of securing other world renowned brands for Pakistan’s territory, either through direct distributor ship or through sub-distribution. In the short span of 4 years, IKMT secured the worlds top brands of toys for Pakistan including but not limited to Lego®, Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Nerf®, Play-Doh®, Fisher Price®, Playmobil®, Plan Toys®, Board Games by Mattel® and Hasbro®.

IKMT started opening its multi-brand outlets under the brand name of IKnowMyToys and the first few stores are already operating in Karachi at the Ocean Mall, Clifton and Park Towers Mall, Clifton.

Plans are underway to open more stores in Karachi and than move on towards other cities of Pakistan.

Any queries related to IKnowMyToys can be sent to info@IKnowMyToys.com