Get To The New Rhythm Of Bricks. With LEGO Dots!

Introducing the latest Arts & Crafts fun concept, LEGO has launched this years collection of LEGO Dots sets so you can have hours of endless entertainment!

This thrilling brand new instalment is packed with multi-coloured tiles and different shapes, as part of an exciting selection that comes from a range of room décor with facets for customization, personalization and articulations, to wearables which fit perfectly on The LEGO fans wrists.

Originally introduced in 2020, the LEGO Dots sets collection continues to surprise fans of bricks in 2021 with its new arrivals. The troupe of new LEGO Dots sets are now exclusively available in Pakistan at IKnowMyToys, your go-to place for LEGO’s New Arrivals each year.

Perfectly attachable on LEGO Surfaces, with these bricks you can enjoy creating whatever your imagination supplies you with. Synonymous with making art on a canvas, the special thing about LEGO Dots sets is that they substitute themselves as your pencils or brushes and allow you to use LEGO Surfaces as your canvas!

Lots of Dots

As the name of the set itself describes, Lots of Dots is a set which provides you with many LEGO Dots to design anything that comes to your interest. With a plethora of LEGO Dots at your disposal, enjoy building remarkable representations of your wildest fascinations straight away!

Extra Dots-Series 5

Extra Dots that come with this set right here, allow you to use them on a number of different LEGO Dots sets. Like your separate LEGO Dots sets of home décor items like pencil holders,  desk organizers, picture frames and jewelry boxes. Containing 120 bricks rich with various colors, The Extra Dots-Series 5 set is a great set which fulfills all of your modification requirements for the sets you currently have.

Pencil Holder

To give young and adult builders more excitement, LEGO has introduced a wonderful holder for their multitude of pencils. While displaying a theme characterizing adventures in space, LEGO fans can attract arts and crafts fans with alluring Dots versions of LEGO bricks.

Show you’re an Avid LEGO Fan, With Original LEGO Dots sets of Bag Tags

LEGO Dots sets like Bag Tag ones that come with diverse designs, can be hung from your school or work bags easily. Show the world, that you are the ultimate LEGO Fan by attaching the LEGO Dots Bag Tags to the zips on your bags! Have a look at the individual distinct sets we have in store for you, below!

LEGO Dots Sets of Wearables, are a Great Way to Flaunt your Passion for Bricks

Wearables in the form of personal bracelets, can be built to be worn every day with high admiration for being part of the LEGO world all the time. Customise bracelets with special LEGO bricks, so you can wear them whenever you please. Are you a big fan of music? Well, you can show that to everyone by donning a beautiful music bracelet on your arm. Does greenery suit your fancy? This cool cactus bracelet can show everyone, you’re all about appreciating nature! Going on various adventures, is always exhilarating! By building and wearing this Adventure Bracelet, you can simply look at your wrists and let your imaginations take you on new levels of creativity!

A great way to express you and your friends artistry, comes with The LEGO Dots set of Ice Cream Besties bracelets Monster Bracelet LEGO Dots set because  they give you two individual bracelets with ice-cream cuteness you and a friend can design separately!  Another LEGO Dots set you can share with a friend are The Mermaid Vibes Bracelets which help you and a friend to showcase design innovation influenced by under-sea creatures, with seperate wrist bands!

IKnowMyToys brings you LEGO’s Authentic New Arrivals Of LEGO Dots Sets

Like last year, IKnowMyToys is the only store you can shop your favourite picks of some of The Latest LEGO Dots sets! Visit the eCommerce website online or stop by its store at Dolmen Mall Clifton to grab your choices of new LEGO Dots Sets today!


IKnowMyToys Brings New Magical LEGO Harry Potter Sets!

Released in 2010, The LEGO Harry Potter movie is the tremendous brick-version of the exceptional imagination in JK Rowling’s mind. Which was depicted in cinema, extensively modelled after Award-winning films about Harry Potter and his magical adventures. In addition, to giving the blockbuster world exciting new graphic smash hits, the guys at LEGO have also managed to create new bricks that can be built into flawless representations of items in the films themselves. Feel free to have a read about some LEGO’s new arrivals of brick-props used in The LEGO Harry Potter movie, and you can even order them for yourself right away!

Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets LEGO®

“Enemies of the Heir, beware!”

You better think twice about that notorious line, from the second year of the LEGO Harry Potter Movie when trying to enter the infamous Chamber of Secrets. Stepping into the crosshairs of evil in the Chamber of Secrets, you can try to defeat the wicked embodiments of degeneracy that lurk under Hogwarts. The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Disagreeing on merits of blood purity with the other founders of Hogwarts, Salazar Slytherin came to open the Chamber of Secrets. Which was the home of the ancient monster, The Terrifying Basilisk. We are introduced to The Basilisk in the second year of the LEGO Harry Potter movie, when Harry and Ron set off on their rescue mission of retrieving Ginny Weasly from the chamber.

Complete with authentic movie details, you too can re-enact Harry’s chronicles of The Chamber of Secrets. That is, once you order this latest LEGO set for yourself and build it up. Good luck, with defeating the monstrosities of The Chamber! Build The LEGO Chamber of Secrets yourself, so that you too can join Harry and Ron as they destroy the blood-curdling serpent! Make sure, not to look straight into its eyes! Enjoy building your own version of the LEGO Harry Potter movie’s Chamber of Secrets!

Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake LEGO

Experience how Harry, Ron and Hermione attempt to brew The Polyjuice potion!

 Creating The Polyjuice potion during the second year in the LEGO Harry Potter movie, they make a horrible mistake by the gang in the second-floor girls’ bathroom which turns Hermione into a cat. One scene, which gives the young wizards and witch a great lesson, for not making advanced potions without the supervision of an experienced teacher. This scene is from the second year of The LEGO Harry Potter movie.

While preparing to successfully enter The Chamber of Secrets, Harry and his friends mistakably brew up a faulty version of The Polyjuice Potion. This drastic error in The LEGO Harry Potter movie, sends Hermione to the hospital wing so she can be treated by Madam Pomfrey to bring her face back to normal. After being turned into a cat’s furry face, complete with whiskers and all!

You can comfortably build up this sequence in the film, by getting the Polyjuice Potion Mistake set from the LEGO Harry Potter movie yourself. Imagine watching as the protagonists, attempt to prepare for an entry into the Chamber of Secrets! You can perfectly build up the scene yourself, straight away!

Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter LEGO® 

How often do you come across a 3-headed dog, even if you’re in the trade?

Hogwarts’ Gamekeeper Hagrid, had a dangerous secret in The LEGO Harry Potter movie. He owned a three-headed hound, who was once cared for by him. As we all might already know, Fluffy the three-headed canine was loaned by Hagrid to Albus Dumbledore, to guard The Philosopher’s Stone. When they are off to find The Sorcerer’s Stone Ron, Harry, and Hermione come to encounter the monstrous creature during the late hours of the night.

To the young magic-students disappointment in The LEGO Harry Potter movie, someone had already sent Fluffy to sleep and gone to find The Sorcerer’s Stone before them. This doesn’t deter them, however. They continue their journey, to find The Sorcerer’s Stone. Putting Fluffy to sleep using a flute Harry brought, Harry and his friends continue their voyage to travel under the trap door. Which is under the three-headed canine.

The encounter can be experienced by you, if you get the set: Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter by LEGO®. Prove to everyone, that you too are intelligent enough to triumph over Fluffy by easily passing across the behemoth’s danger in the second-year scenes of The LEGO Harry Potter movie.

The Sole Store that Has LEGO’s New Arrivals of 2021!

It is quite tough to find any new arrivals in Pakistan, that The LEGO Group comes out with each year. Not after the year 2012, though! A brand that has brought all of us Pakistanis -regardless of where we live- the latest sets produced by LEGO every year. You just have to place an order quickly, while stocks last! Sets from The LEGO Harry Potter movie, await your call!

Here’s your Chance to Build a Unique LEGO Superheroes Movie Yourself!

Complete with scenes from the LEGO Superheroes movies, these new sets made for you by LEGO are the finest ways you can express your imaginations about what super humans can achieve. Just collect ‘em all, to gather all of the famous superheroes from DC and Marvel alike. With the careful selection of your favourite LEGO Superheroes movie characters, you too can join the force that includes the ultimate protectors of the earth. For unrivalled glory! 

Awaken your Inner Avenger with The LEGO Iron Man Helmet

Continuing to amplify their brick-representations of iconic superheroes, LEGO has introduced the ultimate tribute to The Iron Man too. The LEGO Iron Man Helmet! With a new building challenge for enthusiastic adult and child builders alike, 2021 sees a new set resembling the helmet of an iconic likeness from The LEGO Superhero Movies. As superhero aficionados, you can order one today and tell us what you think about it!

Soar Away on The Black Panther Dragon Flyer

Fly across the sky in the super-speedy LEGO Dragon Flyer used by The Black Panther, in the iconic aircraft. An original replica from the LEGO Superheroes movie: Black Panther – Trouble in Wakanda, which is used by The Black Panther to zoom across the skies so he can stop Ulysses Klaue and Eric Killmonger from looting Wakanda’s mines of Vibranium. You can build your own comic-book story, once you get this The Black Panther Dragon Flyer by LEGO and glide around with The Black Panther to defeat the thieves. Bring your battle against evil underway quickly, when you build this machine to assist you for traveling at lightening-fast speed. 

Get your Hands on The Infinity Gauntlet Before Thanos Picks it up Again!

Collect the powerful armor in the LEGO Superheroes movie, which Thanos has planned to use for the onslaught of the entire universe. Make sure he doesn’t get his hands on it again, as he has attached all of the required gems already and we have only kept it for safekeeping. If you don’t get it soon, he will grab it again and go ahead with his planned destruction right away. You better secure it by ordering it, straight away! 

Don’t let The Green Goblin Emerge Victorious From his Attack on The Spider-Lair

Reliving the scenes from the LEGO Superheroes movie becomes a blast when you get The Attack on The Spider Lair set for yourself. LEGO has created a tremendous version of Spidermans HQ, of exactly when The Green Goblin attempts to attack it. When you have completely built it, it becomes a super-cool command post, at which The Teenage Spiderman can do everything from playing Playstation, carrying out a basketball game on the court included, A PC, take a ride on his skateboard to do some tricks on the ramp, relax at the drinks area, drive his motorbike, and put on his Iron Spider Suit. Additionally, the superhero can also put on his Spider Suit while carrying his weapons, to put all of his enemies into jail. Right inside the lair. You can easily order this set of The Attack on The Spider Lair for yourself too.

Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle

Re-living the scenes from the LEGO Superheroes Movie of Spiderman doesn’t stop there. You can even construct an astute re-enactment including the part of Spider-Man’s and Doctor Octopus’ Mech Battle. Bring victory to Spider-Man as he tries to bring Doctor Octopus to his knees, using his Mech to fight off the villain in his mech. Putting the mighty Marvel Mechs in the hands of each character, you can carry out some imaginative play as they battle each other just like in the corresponding LEGO Superheroes Movie!

Captain America & Hydra Face-off

This new set by LEGO, allows you to boost your imagination and dexterity by building and playing with the LEGO Minifgures of a Hydra agent and Captain America himself. Push Captain America on his bike which is included, to help him defeat the Hydra agent. Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron sees the Captain battling a Hydra agent and you can act out the exact scene easily, with your wonderful imaginations.

Iron Man Vs. Thanos

Kids and adults both, can be entertained after re-building the fight of Iron Man Vs. Thanos immediately. As The Iron Man LEGO Superheroes movie unfolds, we see Iron Man trying to get the better of Thanos by battling him into defeat. You can re-create the scene, by building up a perfect reenactment of it. It has now come into being, as a brand-new arrival this year by LEGO. 

Iron Monger Mayhem

Get ready to cause some mayhem with Iron Mans magnificent Mech, made to destroy evil! You can retaliate as you attempt to save Pepper from the hands of the mechanical monster of The first Marvel Studios’ Iron Man movie. The mech’s arc reactor glows as you twist, turn and adjust the mech’s position to fire a 3-stud shooter on the left arm and a 6-stud shooter on the right arm. Just like the classic scenes from the beginning of The Iron Man Saga! LEGO Style!

The Guardian’s Ship

Another superior technique to take flight, is to board The Ship of the Guardians of The Galaxy. Build yourself a cool replica of the finest space probe and go off on high flying adventures with Rocket, Finn, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer. Given your selection of buildable superheroes, you can even strengthen your force of might that enforces good across the family. Join the heroes of the LEGO Superheroes Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, as they go off to fight evil! 

Venom Helmet

Enthusiasts of the LEGO Superhero Movies are surely to enjoy building this Helmet of Venom, one of the dangerous Marvel villains. Have fun appreciating the carefully created features of Venom’s helmet, as you build it to display the piece on your favourite table. As A fantastic tribute, to the ongoings of The LEGO Superhero Movie about Spiderman getting vexed by Venom. 

Avengers: End Game Final Battle

As we all probably already know, the final stages of The Avengers films depict The Avengers winning the ultimate battle against Thanos. The fate of the entire universe rests in their hands, as they collide with Thanos and his forces in The Avenger’s Facility located in New York. You can create a great version of the battle yourself, using this LEGO Superheroes Movie set and watch as The Avengers protect their stronghold to finally defeat Thanos and his forces. Another great new set of the scene, by LEGO! 

Batman vs. The Joker: Batmobile Chase

Think you have had enough of the Marvel LEGO superheroes movie armada, of superheroes and villains? Well, you can enjoy this exemplary set consisting of The Batmobile Chase when Batman tries to capture The Joker, is a great piece from the film you can build for acting out scenes including pivotal moments for The LEGO Superheroes Movie of Batman. Included in the latest pieces of sets by LEGO, IKnowMyToys brings you the joy of attempting to capture The Joker yourself! 

Batman Cowl

Another great build representing The Dark Knight is The LEGO Batman Cowl. When you build the detailed set, you can proudly display it wherever you please as a huge admirer of Batman’s exciting adventures. Encompassing every little detail of Batman’s headgear, LEGO has managed to capture its intricacies with splendid excellence in The LEGO Batman Cowl.

Get an exclusive hands-on experience of LEGO’s New Arrivals in 2021

IKnowMyToys has been the sole place where you can get LEGO’s New Arrivals, each year since 2012. Yet again, we have brought the latest sets released by LEGO this year too. Head over to our website, to order your own choices of LEGO Superheroes movie sets right away. Enjoy some brick-errific action today!

Presenting The Brand New LEGO Star Wars Sets of 2021

We’re ecstatic! The LEGO group is to take us on another exciting deep space adventure, as they have some latest sets from the iconic Star Wars Saga. Thankfully, the LEGO group has requested all of their fans to share dear ideas, passion and some visionary recommendations on the treasured 7-film franchise for more than 20 years now. Accordingly, the LEGO group invited fans to vote on the best types LEGO Star Wars sets they would like LEGO to make for them this time around. Read on, to find out what different LEGO Star Wars sets IKnowMyToys has brought for you, this time around.

Darth Vader’s Helmet

Among the LEGO Star Wars sets that have risen supreme, LEGO has made for you the helmet of The Dark Lord in the saga. LEGO Star Wars sets, do not get any better than this. The Galaxy’s past, saw Darth Vader as a courageous Jedi Knight who was corrupted by The Dark Side. Turning into the terrifying Sith Lord, Darth Vader masqueraded as the leader of The Empire as they attempted to erase the Jedi Order. With his attempts to ultimately defeat the Jedi Order, Darth Vader managed to battle the remnants of the Jedi Order characterized by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. Kenobi sacrificing himself, becomes one with the force as he successfully tries to help the others of his clan to escape. With his Jedi Masters death, Luke Skywalker’s resolve is strengthened to try and finally defeat the rogue personality of Darth Vader.

As a great addition to your collection of LEGO Star Wars sets , thanks to IKnowMyToys, you can now get some of the latest Star Wars sets of 2021 by LEGO. Included in these new bricks comes the awe-inspiring, perfectly made instalment of LEGO Star Wars sets. Darth Vader’s very own helmet.

Stormtrooper Helmet

Another powerful buildable brick-portrayal of LEGO Star Wars sets, is a stormtrooper helmet.  Feel free to add it to your thrilling assemblage of LEGO Star Wars sets so you can display it wherever you like and flaunt it to your friends as they marvel at your collection of LEGO sets from the space chronicles!

Stormtroopers are subordinates of The Empire’s army, that have been created to aggressively beat The Rebel forces in Star Wars. First created as clones for The Republic by Jango Fett the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Stormtroopers come from a line of soldiers fighting for the mighty and heterogenous army brought together through The Empire’s sinister actions, designed to defeat The Rebels. A stormtrooper helmet is a perfect representation of how The Dark Side will attempt to defeat The Rebel collective, as the films unfold. Producing an army of combative human-like copies of Jango Fett, the expert bounty hunter.

Get your favorite LEGO Star Wars Sets Today!

The collection IKnowMyToys has of state-of-the-art LEGO Star Wars sets, is a great way to please your continuous appreciation of the epic space story. Visit IKnowMyToys today, to have a look at what brand new LEGO sets you can get for yourself straight away! What’s more? IKnowMyToys can even attempt to please your wishes, of getting any LEGO sets you wish to collect. Just hit them with a request, on this email today:

Lego City – Your ticket to Urbanity

Ever imagine, building your own city? It certainly sounds like a hefty spend, doesn’t it? IKnowMyToys has got your back, though. You can set off on endless creative adventures by easily building a large metropolis, a small town, or even a fully-equipped urban settlement with the tools we have in store for you. Just for a small percentage, of the total spend!

Using perfectly created building vehicles to expertly construct all of the things the people of your city need, you can easily build away. Once you have your own place with everything you can possibly need, drive off to the city you have built. Where you can easily run, all of your daily errands. Including landing some difficult tricks on your skateboard!

With the products of Lego City, you can even give your city’s residents an expertly built park to relax with nature’s wonders including plants and little animals.

What’s more? Making a bank with expert security, is the best way to provide the citizens with a secure location to store all of their valuables. That’s not all. You can even include an entire control headquarters where your police force can regroup for some action, with their massive equipment of patrol boats and helicopters. Once you’ve captured all of the criminals, you can jail them on a secure prisoner island.

What happens, when there is a hazardous fire in your city though? To protect the buildings of your city, you can station all sorts of envoys from the local fire department. Arm your fire department with everything from a fire truck with a ladder to reach the tops of buildings to a little ATV to reach the narrow streets of your city. There’s also an ideal fire utility truck, you can use to transport all of your firefighter’s gear. Ride it off, to the fire outbreaks of your city to extinguish all of the inconvenient flare-ups!

We bet your citizens need to jet off for their holidays to different places, when vacations come around. For those occasions, Lego has ingeniously made designs and bricks which you can build into spectacular airplanes and airbases. To defeat the criminals of your city, there’s also s sky police plane you can fly off from the sky police air bases you make for yourself and the city in your room!

Your city surely has a beach, doesn’t it? No worries. By visiting our store at Dolmen Mall Clifton or online, you can easily get your hands on everything you need if the citizens of your city like to go swimming! From the coast guard seaplane to an entire armada of lifeguards with their kits and equipment, going swimming on the beach is no problem!

Build your very own metropolis by visiting us and getting your own collection of LEGO CITY today!

Hot Wheels takes over your favourite fantasy!

Gearheads! Start your engines! You’re in for a ride, today! Make “speed” the way of your life, by collecting some rapid cars of The Great Hot Wheels line! Become a car connoisseur, today!

Fast & The Furious Hot Wheels

Since 1968 Hot Wheels have been a staple in the playrooms, of kids from all around the world! Wonders from the world of Hot Wheels, have also entered The Fast and The Furious universe! Just check out this whole range of the main cars in the 5th film! Get 5 times the amped up action, by driving 5 sophisticated machines from The Fast and The Furious! As Dom said, Ride or Die!

One of the greatest high speed franchise of films, have looked towards Hot Wheels to bring their characters and cars to life! Hot Wheels has created an entire stunt show, from the movie “Cars” by Disney! Watch as the different characters of the film, perform action-packed stunts to awaken the daredevil in you! You can even get some of your friends, to make a day of trying out different moves all of your Cars can make to score incredibly in the stunt show!

Everyone’s always been struck with awe, when they see cars of the most elegant range of automobiles! The BMW series! Check em out today!

You can quickly overtake and surprise your space enemies, with some rapid Hot Wheels too! Hot Wheels brings you 5 cars designed for the characters of Guardians of The Galaxy!

Collecting these cars, will undoubtedly prove that you are quite the car extraordinaire! Get some tickets, to your supremacy today! Hot Wheels is sure to fulfil, all of your gearhead dreams! Go on, start the ultimate race straight away!

Celebrate your days of fun, with some fantabulous guests!

Celebrations galore! Be it a festival, a party, a nostalgic event or even your yearly birthday! The celebrations will be live, if you can get these fun-sized and colourful women to celebrate with ya! Find out, how!

Your hair has to look, top-notch at such celebrations of course! Just get Barbie Cut n’ Style Princess Doll today and she can teach you how to style your hair with some fantastic couture! Don’t be shy! If you’d like to invite some more guests, simply get some of Barbie’s Stylin’ friends or even get Lottie to stop by!

Make sure to visit Barbie’s Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon for a fashionable makeover and start off your merriment by inviting Barbie over to celebrate your special days in your very own sweet bedroom! Be sure you and her, wear clothes and make-up from your very own fashionista wardrobe too! You can put some of Barbie’s favourite clothes in it and it’s definitely going to give you the best things to wear, when you do things like ice-skating in celebration with your best friend! The Barbie Career Fashion Doll Ice Skater!

Hey! Music is always the best sort of enjoyment, to have at your parties! Let this Barbie Careers Music Doll, teach you how to make serene party music that gives people those nostalgic vibes of how great your party was!

You definitely need some fun and delicious treats at your parties, to make sure people have some palatable excitement at too! The Barbie Careers Cookie Chef Fashion Doll, can make sure your guests go home with the sweet taste of some tasty cookies in their mouths! You can even have your parties at a vacation house! By inviting people to The Barbie Glam Vacation House!

We at IKnowMyToys, wish you the greatest celebrations of a lifetime! You can even get the most fun-loving dolls, to enjoy them with ya!

The end of The Star Wars month, calls for the film’s space timeline in writing!

The end of “Star Wars” month, certainly demands a detailed celebration of the iconic film franchise! We’d thought we’d give you the low-down on how this graphic spectacle took over the hearts, minds and feelings of the entire world. Or even, a significant number of people in each country of the whole planet!

Created by director, screenwriter, producer, George Lucas first released Star Wars in 1977. It became one of the most massively successful spectacles of motion picture history. Starting off with the title of “A New Hope”, Star Wars chronicled the story of Luke Skywalker and the adventures of The Rebels to defeat The Empire which was chiefly commanded by The Terrifying Sith Lord! Darth Vader!

Following the epic film “A New Hope”, George Lucas asked Stan Lee to create comic books of the installment too. After Stan Lee’s hesitant approval of adapting the franchise in a series of iconic comic books, “Star Wars” additionally became the best-selling wholesome franchise(of the cinema world to the comic book universe) of the entire world.

Starting from 1999, George Lucas begun releasing the prequels of Star Wars. These releases consisted of three exciting films, that told the stories of how Anakin Skywalker turned into the menacing Sith Lord granted the title: Darth Vader.

After selling the original “Star Wars Saga” to Disney, the film franchise has not seen its ultimate conclusion just yet. Announcing ten more Star Wars Series, Disney plans to continue this ultimate saga. For the excitement and thrill of the released parts of Star Wars saga, make sure you get the different types of the awe-inspiring “Star Wars” toys officially available in Pakistan today!

Journey through the saga of Star Wars yourself, by having a look at the different mega Star Wars memorabilia of different brands at IKnowMyToys!




Get your wands ready, Harry Potter fans! The trailer for the new HARRY POTTER: COLLECTION is here! The game is a remastered release of both HARRY POTTER: Years 1-4 and LEGO HARRY POTTER: Years 5-7.

download (6)

Before tomorrow’s release,  the launch trailer was seen by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, which shows our heroes experiencing their 7 years at Hogwarts, Spending time battling Voldemort, all with a newly-remastered look about it.

maxresdefault (1)

Along with the two games, two DLC packs will be delivered. The first is a pack that features Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Lockhart in his strait jacket, Hermione in her pink dress, and ghoul Ron Weasley. A special spell pack includes the other DLC, which has Cantis, Densaugo, Ducklifors, Melofors, and Tentaclifors. Years 1-4 came to consoles back in 2010, with years 5-7 hitting the following year, the new trailer is one that’s aimed at HARRY POTTER fans  who missed their chance to play it on last generations consoles. Although you can still re-visit the re-mastered game. Watching the Fantastic Beasts; the crimes of Grindelwald feel free to get your fix.


LEGO Harry Potter: Collection will be available for purchase beginning Oct. 30th


Lego Star Wars All-Stars

SW_Landscape_AllStarsA new animated adventure series that is related to all the Star Wars eras, will be debuting on Monday, October 29th on Disney XD, Youtube and DisneyNOW. Including eight short-episodes and four half-hour episodes, the season features LEGO versions of the new faces of the Star Wars galaxy alongside the standard heroes Kylo Ren, R2-D2, Young Han, Chewbacca, Young Lando, BB-8 and General Leia. You can also take a first look at the new series now thanking the debut trailer!

The first five episodes will be rolling out daily from the week of Monday, October, 29th through Friday, November 2nd, landing on a peak to a compilation special highlighting three additional episodes on Saturday, November 10th on Disney XD and DisneyNOW. Following the debut of the mini-episodes, four half-hour episodes will premiere on Saturdays beginning November, 17th through December 8th on Disney XD and DisneyNow.

download (1)

Get your first view at the new and returning fan-favourites from the Star Wars Universe from the teaser below: