Get To The New Rhythm Of Bricks. With LEGO Dots!

Introducing the latest Arts & Crafts fun concept, LEGO has launched this years collection of LEGO Dots sets so you can have hours of endless entertainment!

This thrilling brand new instalment is packed with multi-coloured tiles and different shapes, as part of an exciting selection that comes from a range of room décor with facets for customization, personalization and articulations, to wearables which fit perfectly on The LEGO fans wrists.

Originally introduced in 2020, the LEGO Dots sets collection continues to surprise fans of bricks in 2021 with its new arrivals. The troupe of new LEGO Dots sets are now exclusively available in Pakistan at IKnowMyToys, your go-to place for LEGO’s New Arrivals each year.

Perfectly attachable on LEGO Surfaces, with these bricks you can enjoy creating whatever your imagination supplies you with. Synonymous with making art on a canvas, the special thing about LEGO Dots sets is that they substitute themselves as your pencils or brushes and allow you to use LEGO Surfaces as your canvas!

Lots of Dots

As the name of the set itself describes, Lots of Dots is a set which provides you with many LEGO Dots to design anything that comes to your interest. With a plethora of LEGO Dots at your disposal, enjoy building remarkable representations of your wildest fascinations straight away!

Extra Dots-Series 5

Extra Dots that come with this set right here, allow you to use them on a number of different LEGO Dots sets. Like your separate LEGO Dots sets of home décor items like pencil holders,  desk organizers, picture frames and jewelry boxes. Containing 120 bricks rich with various colors, The Extra Dots-Series 5 set is a great set which fulfills all of your modification requirements for the sets you currently have.

Pencil Holder

To give young and adult builders more excitement, LEGO has introduced a wonderful holder for their multitude of pencils. While displaying a theme characterizing adventures in space, LEGO fans can attract arts and crafts fans with alluring Dots versions of LEGO bricks.

Show you’re an Avid LEGO Fan, With Original LEGO Dots sets of Bag Tags

LEGO Dots sets like Bag Tag ones that come with diverse designs, can be hung from your school or work bags easily. Show the world, that you are the ultimate LEGO Fan by attaching the LEGO Dots Bag Tags to the zips on your bags! Have a look at the individual distinct sets we have in store for you, below!

LEGO Dots Sets of Wearables, are a Great Way to Flaunt your Passion for Bricks

Wearables in the form of personal bracelets, can be built to be worn every day with high admiration for being part of the LEGO world all the time. Customise bracelets with special LEGO bricks, so you can wear them whenever you please. Are you a big fan of music? Well, you can show that to everyone by donning a beautiful music bracelet on your arm. Does greenery suit your fancy? This cool cactus bracelet can show everyone, you’re all about appreciating nature! Going on various adventures, is always exhilarating! By building and wearing this Adventure Bracelet, you can simply look at your wrists and let your imaginations take you on new levels of creativity!

A great way to express you and your friends artistry, comes with The LEGO Dots set of Ice Cream Besties bracelets Monster Bracelet LEGO Dots set because  they give you two individual bracelets with ice-cream cuteness you and a friend can design separately!  Another LEGO Dots set you can share with a friend are The Mermaid Vibes Bracelets which help you and a friend to showcase design innovation influenced by under-sea creatures, with seperate wrist bands!

IKnowMyToys brings you LEGO’s Authentic New Arrivals Of LEGO Dots Sets

Like last year, IKnowMyToys is the only store you can shop your favourite picks of some of The Latest LEGO Dots sets! Visit the eCommerce website online or stop by its store at Dolmen Mall Clifton to grab your choices of new LEGO Dots Sets today!


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