Hot Wheels takes over your favourite fantasy!

Gearheads! Start your engines! You’re in for a ride, today! Make “speed” the way of your life, by collecting some rapid cars of The Great Hot Wheels line! Become a car connoisseur, today!

Fast & The Furious Hot Wheels

Since 1968 Hot Wheels have been a staple in the playrooms, of kids from all around the world! Wonders from the world of Hot Wheels, have also entered The Fast and The Furious universe! Just check out this whole range of the main cars in the 5th film! Get 5 times the amped up action, by driving 5 sophisticated machines from The Fast and The Furious! As Dom said, Ride or Die!

One of the greatest high speed franchise of films, have looked towards Hot Wheels to bring their characters and cars to life! Hot Wheels has created an entire stunt show, from the movie “Cars” by Disney! Watch as the different characters of the film, perform action-packed stunts to awaken the daredevil in you! You can even get some of your friends, to make a day of trying out different moves all of your Cars can make to score incredibly in the stunt show!

Everyone’s always been struck with awe, when they see cars of the most elegant range of automobiles! The BMW series! Check em out today!

You can quickly overtake and surprise your space enemies, with some rapid Hot Wheels too! Hot Wheels brings you 5 cars designed for the characters of Guardians of The Galaxy!

Collecting these cars, will undoubtedly prove that you are quite the car extraordinaire! Get some tickets, to your supremacy today! Hot Wheels is sure to fulfil, all of your gearhead dreams! Go on, start the ultimate race straight away!

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