Who needs the Kwik e Mart, now here is the tricky part!

kwik e martWho needs the Kwik e Mart? Now heres the tricky part!

Are you a ‘The Simpsons’ fan? You’re probably familiar with Apu and his convenience store? HIS STANDARD LINE IS “THANK YOU COME AGAIN!”that Is every “The simpsons” fan favorite line! Get a chance to build “The Simpsons” full Kwik e Mart! Only with the lego set of your dreams!

Come to think of it, who remembers that line when Apu says thank you come again? Answer in the comments below!

Your one stop shop for convenient food at inconvenient prices! This is one highly detailed Lego set which is with more beautiful and colourful fettles like Mr. Burns’ birthday cake with candles! Walk under the huge Kwik-e-Mart sign and join ‘The Simpsons’ family as they browse the aisles filled with convenience store goodies!